Frequently Asked Questions - Get All The Answers To All Your Questions

  • What are CFDs, Forex and Options?
  • What is an Underlying Asset?
  • What is a Put Option?
  • What is a Call Option?
    A Call Option is an option that earns you a profit if the value of the underlying asset rises above the level it was purchased at. If an option expires at the same price it was purchased at you will then receive the full amount of your investment back.
  • What is the investment amount?
    The total amount of money you invested in the option.
  • How do I invest?
    Investing is simple. First, you must choose an underlying asset and then click either the "call" or "put" button depending on your prediction for the price of the asset. An investment sheet will open and you will have to enter the amount of money you wish to invest. Then, just approve the purchase. You may cancel your purchase any time prior to approving the transaction. You can continue to watch the price of the asset change since the investment sheet continually updates.
  • What is the return on a successful investment?
    If your prediction is correct, you are guaranteed the fixed return amount that is shown next to the asset on the Tradexpert site.
  • What is the Double Up feature?
    If you think that your prediction is going to be correct at the expiry time, you can choose to use the Double Up feature. This allows you to invest in the same asset again under the same conditions but at the current asset price. This is a chance to increase your invest and profits when you believe your prediction is correct.
  • What is the Rollover feature?
    The Rollover feature allows you to extend the expiry time if you think that your prediction will be incorrect at the initial expiry time but will be correct at a later time. Essentially, this feature gives you the chance to turn a loss into a possible profit. Using the Rollover will require you to invest an additional 30% for a 30% higher return if the option expires In the Money. You may use the Rollover feature once per option and up to 10 minutes prior to the initial expiry time.
  • What if the return if the options expires out-of-the-money?
    If your chosen option expires out-of-the-money, you will not receive any return on your investment.
  • What is an expiry level?
    The expiry level refers to price of the asset at the assets expiry time according to Reuters. This determines whether the option has expired in-the-money or out-of-the-money. Each asset has a different expiry level.
  • What is an expiry time?
    This is the set date and time at which an option will expire.
  • What is the time zone of the expiry time?
    The expiry time and Tradexpert's trading hours are displayed according to the time zone set on your computer.
  • Where can I view the precise trading hours of each asset?
    Please view our Asset Index for a detailed list of all of the assets we have for purchase plus detailed descriptions, trading hours and expiry times.
  • Which assets can be traded through the Tradexpert platform?
    The Tradexpert site's Homepage displays some of the most popular options. However, if you want to see other assets then you can select the appropriate table from the dropdown menu. You may also search for specific assets on the Asset Index page which displays all important details about all of our assets.
  • What are the levels shown in the trading boxes?
    The trading boxes show you the levels or price quote for the underlying asset. The levels are in constant flux and the box shows these changes frequently. The levels show you the prices at which Tradexpert will sell the options but these prices are not the same as the real time market levels. Tradexpert uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the parameters for an asset.
  • What is the meaning of the colors for the levels on the trading floor?
    The green and red colors show you the direction of trading compared to the previous day's trading. Green represents a level higher than the Tradexpert expiry level of the previous day and red indicates that a lower level than Tradexpert's expiry level of the day prior.
  • I received an error message stating that I exceeded the maximum investment when I tried to invest in a single option. What do I do?
    Options have a maximum investment amount of $5000 per option but if you wish to purchase more than that, you can simply purchase multiple options at the maximum amount one after the other until you have invested the total amount of money you want to.
  • What happens if the expiry level of an underlying asset is identical to the level at which the transaction was made?
    If the expiry level is identical to the level at which the asset was purchased, then your account will be credited the original investment amount made on that asset. In other words, you will not lose or gain any money if the levels are exactly the same.
  • What is the difference between a Tradexpert product and an All or Nothing Option?
    All or Nothing Options, often created by traders at banks, are CFDs, Forex and Options in which the investor will earn an agreed upon return rate or lose the investment amount completely.
  • What is the difference between buying options in Tradexpert and purchasing put and/or call options in the stock market?
    Tradexpert options are CFDs, Forex and Options so there is a fixed return rate. They also have more flexible expiry points which can range from as short as an hour to as long as a month. Options bought through the stock market, often called standard or vanilla option chains usually have fluctuating yields and longer expiry dates. They can also be sold before the expiry date while CFDs, Forex and Options may only be sold after they expire.
  • Are the profits taxable?
    All Tradexpert customers are responsible for their own tax liabilities according to their country of residence.
  • Why cannot I invest?
    There are several possible reasons as to why you can't invest at a certain time. You may only invest during market trading hours so if you try to purchase CFDs, Forex and Options on the Tradexpert site outside of these hours, you will see that the buying option is disabled. However, if you are having trouble purchasing an option during market hours there may be a technical issue in which case you can contact customer service. Finally, make sure you have sufficient funds in your Tradexpert account otherwise you will not be able to complete the purchase.
  • Where do the asset quotes come from?

    Tradexpert uses SpotOption platform for CFDs, Forex and Options trading.

    The prices are based on either or Reuters; All the FX pairs and commodities are coming from Leverate while all the exotic indices or exotic equity markets are coming from Reuters.

    Since there is only one single exchange in which the equities are trading at, the prices of Apple, Google or Barclays for example are expected to be the same no matter who provides the feed but as for FX and commodities, where prices may vary, Leverate is their feed provider.

    If there any issues with the expiry rate - proof of expiry can be provided.